Frequently Asked Questions

Who or what is Brain Juice?

We are a consultancy agency that believes in creating meaningful impact that is both integrated and profitable. We live and work by the belief that the best results are achieved when impact and profit go hand-in-hand. Our role is to help companies discover and navigate this magical path. 

So you sell juice?

Haha, no! At our core, we create tailored, bespoke strategies and solutions by making our brain juices flow. Get it? Brain Juice? 

The only juice we sell are fresh ideas, unique insights and standout strategies that turn businesses into thought leaders and impact-makers. 😎

Basically, you do marketing?

We do much more than that. Our team specialises in a range of different things - from content design, to innovative product conceptualisation and creating one-of-a-kind learning experiences (on and offline). Having launched our own ventures, we also proactively help budding entrepreneurs kick start their journey. 

What do you do exactly?

We work with clients - from starry-eyed new entrepreneurs to thriving organisations - on varying points of the business timeline, to meet their goals. This could mean branding and/or rebranding, creative content production, capacity-building consulting or a slew of other services that fall under the 4 categories of our ecosystem: Consultancy, Marketing, Education and Lab. 

What do you mean by impact?

Well what we mean is to that we will help you start your business on the right foot. This often looks like - integrating impact into your product or service and creating a game plan that sets your venture up for financial success.

That means creating a lasting positive change in the world, even in the smallest form! We believe that with tiny shifts in perspective, the right resources and a little creativity, every company can double up as a powerful force for good.

Are you a social enterprise?

We view ourselves as a purpose-driven ecosystem. Our role is to be the connector; helping brands connect with audiences, partners, resources and information that can amplify their impact on the world.

How does social impact relate to business? Do you mean CSR?

Nope - in CSR, the impact component is separate from the company’s day-to-day operations. At Brain Juice, we view social impact as something that can be integrated into the organisation’s DNA - making it a core component of their business strategy.

How can you help me connect to my target audience?

For a start, you could contact us for our signature branding, envisioning and positioning strategy workshop to help you decipher your positioning, target audience, tone of voice and visual story. Once a fool-proof strategy has been set, we execute! Easy-peasy!