A space to make your next big idea a reality.

Creator Studio by Brain Juice Collective & Air Amber
- a fully furnished and equipped studio for recording content, podcasting, livestreaming, hosting virtual events and more.

What we can offer

We specialise in interactive virtual event programming that can help you connect with a broader audience and achieve the impact you're looking for.

  • Concept & Programming
  • Planning, Execution & Production
  • Marketing Strategy & Community Engagement
  • Data & Analytics
  • Training, Demos and Capacity-building

Studio features

As entrepreneurs, creatives and educators ourselves, we know how important it is to have the support needed to produce high-quality content and online experiences.

  • On-site strategists, creatives and producers to support you
  • Professional equipment to help you look and sound great⁣
  • Dedicated static LAN cable for stable internet connection⁣
  • Curated furniture for recording and streaming in style⁣
  • Centrally-located with numerous public transport options
What we can offer

Level up your engagements

Concept & Programming

We work with you to create an engaging programme aligned to your vision and goals. This is also adapted to ensure feasibility online.

Execution & Production

We handle all logistics and technical requirements. From equipment rental, rehearsals, pre-recordings and actual day production - remote and/or live!

Marketing Strategy

We co-create a robust and compelling story as well as strategy to better engage your audience in the lead-up and post-engagement.

Community Engagement

We will link you up with our database of trusted partners to help you enhance your offerings. Expand your network through our connections.

Data & Analytics

We look at the data and give you the insights. Find out the who, what, why of audience engagement to inform your future experiences.

Training, Demos & Capacity-building

We work with your team to ensure that they will be able to run such engagements in the future. Learn to scale meaningful engagement like a pro!