How we used Hopin to curate a virtual engagement event for 1000+ audience

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How we used Hopin to curate a virtual engagement event for 1000+ audience

The Mission

We teamed up with Crazy Domains to launch 'OnlineFest2020', a primer into the new business world and a roadmap on managing global uncertainty. This event was targeted at people looking to start, sustain or supercharge their businesses during the chaotic peak of the COVID-19 period.

Our Brain Juice Approach

This event drew a 1000+ strong audience mainly from the event’s target market, Australia and New Zealand. With hearty displays of approval and largely positive comments all around, we were pleased that OnlineFest 2020 was a massive success. We stepped in with a range of virtual event support services such as conceptualisation, speaker curation, programming, design and production.

Event Curation & Conceptualisation

For a virtual engagement like this, the platform choice made all the difference. After reflecting on and analysing our varied experiences with different event hosts across the board, we came to the conclusion that Hopin was the ideal choice.

With Hopin’s in-built interactivity, we echoed the tech-savvy and proficiency consistent with the Crazy Domains image and brand. With our meticulous, detailed programming and reliance on platform features, we curated an engagement that was one-of-a-kind and replicated the natural flow of a physical event.

Some of our favourite features include:

  • Polling - Audience drove the conversation through sharing insights and information
  • WordCloud - Through collaborative activities such as this, we created an atmosphere of community learning and active participation from the get-go
  • Sessions - A seamless educational experience for the participants and personable Q&A chats
  • Expo - Showcasing event partners and the awesome deals they had to offer created additional value and added to the air of fun

Livestreaming & Production

Armed with the streaming and production capabilities of our Creator Studio,  we also helped to programme and manage the live event while also filming and editing pre-recorded content. Prior to the event, we created branding elements, graphics and event slides to ensure consistent branding across the Livestream segments. In this way, we managed to ensure that the Crazy Domains branding was visible throughout the event and an indispensable part of the overall atmosphere.

From seamless transitions and high-resolution streaming from our LAN-equipped Creator Studio to enthusiastic audience participation, the event ran flawlessly. Across the 2 days, audience members had nothing but positive comments to share.

Our Role

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