How we devised a personal branding and content marketing strategy that increased engagement by 10X


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How we devised a personal branding and content marketing strategy that increased engagement by 10X

The Mission

We worked with ECI Coaching to redefine and heighten the visibility of the personal brands of two prolific coaches. By extension, this strategy was designed to have a ripple effect and to also expand the reach of their companies.

Our Brain Juice Approach

To do this, we highlighted the expertise of the two coaches, showcased their diverse areas of professional know-how and redirected focus towards community conversations and development. We employed these 2 strategies to achieve a 10x increase in the rate of engagement on the coaches' professional social media platforms and owned channels:

1. Holistic Impact Strategy & Personal Branding

First impressions are everything. We had to make sure that everyone who stumbled upon the coaches’ LinkedIn pages or other social media got a complete and visually arresting picture of the variety of services and high value offered by these coaches.

We resolved to build and execute on a purposeful strategy.

We did this by taking the coaches through a customised personal branding process:

  1. We facilitated a comprehensive branding and strategy session where the coaches played an active role. We guided them through taking an impact-driven approach to building the business.
  2. Then, we conducted in-depth interviews and held targeted conversation sessions to curate a professional image of the coaches.
  3. Next, we gave their LinkedIn pages a refreshing facelift with engaging new bios and professional accolades. We presented a compelling story that displayed their credibility and expertise.  
  4. We put together a comprehensive strategy document with important markers like brand messaging and a detailed content marketing strategy.

2. Community-driven Content Production

At the core of this content bank was a deep understanding of the human condition and more importantly, what their community valued. We worked together with the coaches to create pieces that would reflect this understanding while remaining relevant and practical for years to come.

Our goal was to produce content that condensed their massive amounts of knowledge and useful advice into bite-sized, easily consumable tidbits and to convey that these were coaches seeking to create a genuine connection with their clientele.

We used the following mediums:

  1. Native Videos in portrait mode & conversational style
  2. A newly launched podcast series, per coach & 6 Podcast Episodes
  3. Downloadable & shareable Graphics
  4. Formal & informal Photography sessions

Our Role

Our Impact

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