How we transformed a medical practice into a community of health and wellness ambassadors

FeM Surgery consists of a group of doctors who aim to provide the best quality surgical care to patients. To distinguish the brand and build a strong social impact DNA into their work, we took a community-driven approach in engaging their doctors, patients, brands and the wider public.

400 - 1500K
Followers gained

The mission

FeM Surgery is a surgical group practice with its own unique philosophy on patient care. Beyond their people-centered approach and commitment to using the latest advancements in the medical field, a key focus of the organisation is helping the community at large to thrive. Our mission was to help them showcase this aspect of their brand through content marketing, a distinctive visual identity and by building FeM’s own community of health and wellness ambassadors. 

The Brain Juice approach

Our team recognised early on that the ‘healthcare community’ comprises more than just doctors and nurses. We highlighted inspirational stories of these unseen heroes by creating a social media series called #FeMStories. Patients who endured the difficult road to recovery and caregivers who do generous work without praise or recognition were some of those featured. To build a community set on thriving together, we ran physical events with health talks (eg. on Breast Cancer Awareness) and featured lifestyle brands (eg. Cru Box and Victoria Secret) who showed in their own unique way how one can make healthy living choices.

On the education front, we conducted virtual interactive sessions that were led by FeM’s doctors. Titled “What’s Up, Doc?”, we saw this as an opportunity to openly discuss sensitive health matters (eg. colorectal cancer awareness) from the privacy of the viewer’s home. To showcase the practice’s thought leadership in adopting the latest surgical and medical knowledge, we created a ‘The Future with FeM’ blog series that explains the technology in reader-friendly ways.

Lastly, we sealed the brand’s identity by creating a visual look (consisting of fluid shapes and pastel colours) that we felt reflected the organisation’s authenticity and desire to connect with the community.

Our role

  • Laying out FeM’s brand building strategy for content marketing, community building, and virtual engagements.  
  • Design and copywriting work for social media, blog posts and other promotional media.
  • Detailed programming and production for all physical and virtual events  
  • Conceptualising and designing the brand’s visual identity and creation of assets for use on all platforms 

Our impact

  • 400 - 1500 people tuned in to each live episode of ‘What’s Up Doc’, with more watching it post-livestream.  
  • FeM Surgery now has more than 4000 followers on Facebook.
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