How we activated a medical school’s community to personalise its first sustainability campaign


NUS Medicine community members engaged to date


Average rating for how meaningful the campaign was


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How we activated a medical school’s community to personalise its first sustainability campaign

The Mission

As a leading medical institution in Asia, NUS Medicine understands the undeniable connection between human and planet health. We were engaged by its Corporate Social Responsibility team to pioneer a sustainability campaign involving the NUS Medicine community, which ultimately aims to plant 11,600 trees across vulnerable ecosystems in Southeast Asia through a partnership with Green Steps Group. At maturity, these trees will reduce an estimated 255 tons of CO₂ per annum, a significant positive impact on the environment. The goal was to help make the committee’s mission one that was shared by the wider NUS Medicine community.

Our Brain Juice Approach

To make the campaign accessible and meaningful, we positioned this campaign as an exciting vision that the community members could easily own and be part of. We added weight to the campaign by pioneering the effort to engage staff as campaign ambassadors. This created a platform for them to share their inspiring convictions and added a deeply human perspective to our campaign. We also gave the campaign an immediate, tangible touch by gifting plantable bookmarks as tokens of appreciation for our sponsors.

Our Role

  • Facilitating our signature workshops to align the team to a shared vision while gaining clarity around how we could effectively brand this campaign.
  • Developing a visually-appealing brand identity and cohesive communication plan that would connect with our core target audience – NUS Medicine’s staff and alumni.
  • Shortlisting and engaging a pair of highly accomplished campaign ambassadors who are leaders in their own fields:
  • Conceptualising and producing an official campaign video that was impactful and relatable.
  • Designing and building a campaign microsite that outlines how the NUS Medicine community can take part in this meaningful initiative.
  • Organising a virtual campaign launch event consisting of:

Our Impact

  • 523 NUS Medicine community members engaged to date
  • An excellent Net Promoter Score of 75 
  • An average rating of 9.75 out of 10 for how meaningful the campaign was
  • Positive reviews about the overall campaign launch experience
  • 367 unique visitors and 129 button clicks on the microsite to date

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