How people-centred innovation and collaboration deepened engagement with thousands of migrant workers


Increase in efficiency of tracking deadlines


New SOPs co-created


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How people-centred innovation and collaboration deepened engagement with thousands of migrant workers

The Mission

Born out of a need to help the migrant work community better access health information during the pandemic, MyBrotherSG was started by a small team of health experts and volunteers. The effort was supported by the World Health Organisation and is an initiative under the National University of Singapore. MBSG has bold goals and the team was looking for consultants that could help provide ideas, strategies and training to scale up their impact. 

Our Brain Juice Approach

Instead of a problem-focused approach, we systematically uncovered the assets that MBSG had. By starting from points of possibility, we were able to formulate innovative solutions that were integrated, achievable and most importantly, empowering. We implemented technology to eliminate redundancies while emphasising the need to build cross-domain collaborations beyond the migrant worker landscape. This continues to help build more breadth and depth in the work that MBSG leads. 

Our Role

  • Facilitating 1-on-1 interviews to identify stakeholder concerns and aspirations.
  • Designing consulting workshops to clarify MBSG’s positioning and strategic challenges to focus on.
  • Introducing ideas, technology and approaches to optimise productivity, growth and community engagement. 
  • Analysing social media data and activities to provide actionable strategies for increasing engagement amongst the migrant worker community.
  • Crafting activities for deeper engagement with steering committee members from the medical profession, Healthserve, Migrant Workers’ Centre, Ministry of Manpower, Ministry of Health, JTC Corporation and Ministry of Communications and Information. 
  • Hosting capacity-building workshops to share knowledge and frameworks for sustainable team development.

Our Impact

  • 20% decrease in manual emailing through the introduction of productivity software and strategies
  • 30% increase in efficiency of tracking deadlines
  • 50% time saved as a result of communication efficiencies and reducing time spent in meetings 
  • 4 new SOPs co-created with MBSG’s core team and volunteers
  • Access to new insights through the implementation of web analytics and refocusing the team on the appropriate metrics

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