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How we designed an innovation toolkit that aims to solves global challenges

The Mission

To create a learning and innovation toolkit that challenges users to tackle real-world problems with more rigour and creativity. Together with Singapore Management University’s experiential learning arm SMU-X, we conceptualised, designed and tested a set of cards (named IdeaX) that would facilitate conversations, help users ideate solutions and evaluate their ideas. The cards had to be useful in both workplace and classroom settings, with the option to play it as a game that stimulates innovative thinking.

Our Brain Juice Approach

Incorporating impact into the solution-finding process was at the heart of the cards’ design. We integrated the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals as themes in the deck so that users could envision the potential macro-level impact of their solutions. Other components of the deck included a problem-solving road map, a list of disciplinary knowledge users could tap into, and analysis and solution frameworks. SMU-X’s learning outcomes were also showcased, with a QR code leading users to microsites where they could read case studies and access other learning resources designed to expand their knowledge.

Our Role

  • Conceptualising the card’s content and gameplay based on SMU-X’s objectives, with the requirement that the activity would be engaging, easy to utilise, and lead to actionable ideas. 
  • Design of all _(insert no.)___ cards in the deck with concise copy to aid the user’s understanding of each concept.  
  • Facilitating a pilot workshop that served as a soft launch; giving 30 SMU students first-hand experience engaging with the cards.

Our Impact 

  • Intangible pedagogy converted into an innovative physical experience
  • 40 students and staff engaged in a successful pilot workshop
  • Train-the-trainer sessions planned for 2021 to scale up implementation 
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