How we transformed Singapore Management University’s thought leadership platform from a typical blog to a knowledge hub


How we transformed Singapore Management University’s thought leadership platform from a typical blog to a knowledge hub

The Mission

Our mission was to revamp Singapore Management University’s City Perspectives website user interface and experience (UI/UX) while creating well-packaged content that showcases their thought leadership in a captivating way. The mission was to work towards:

  1. Researchers, business leaders, NGO leaders and policymakers actively pitching stories and collaboration ideas to SMU City Perspectives
  2. Build more multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary content that showcases SMU’s research and collaboration between our researchers and external thought leaders 
  3. Moving beyond typical written articles to become a knowledge hub with rich, digestible and interactive research-driven content that comes in various creative formats

Our Brain Juice Approach

To set us on the right path, we first conducted a strategic workshop with the Singapore Management University (SMU) City Perspectives team to glean key insights and objectives for the project. This was followed by multiple surveys and focus group discussions to understand user behaviour, validate our hypotheses and ideas, and uncover new approaches. With this established, we were able to redesign the website and create the content needed.

To ensure that the platform aligned with the vision and positioning of the university, we used SMU’s 3 strategic pillars and 6 themes as the compass for the content strategy and approach. 

  1. Digital Transformation
  1. A New Web 3.0 Era
  2. Tech and Society
  1. Sustainable Living
  1. Making Green Moves
  2. On Being Human
  1. Growth in Asia
  1. The Next Silicon Valley
  2. Asia Unwrapped

These themes were informed by the university’s research and education goals while aligning with global business, policy and societal agendas. We also established a content approach of creating pieces specifically phrased in a conversational tone while keeping each piece focused on solving issues that the audience would be concerned with.

By always focusing on the big picture, being data-driven, being adaptable and working within the constraints to create quality content that is consistent with the overall strategy - we ensured that the platform evolves and moves closer to the end goal.

Our Role

1. Conducted primary and secondary research to gather insights on the target audience's expectations and desires as well as best practices from platforms they frequent.

2. Designed and facilitated strategic workshops that engaged key stakeholders in building a clear vision, mission, core messages etc. that we continue to use as our compass for all decisions.

3. UI/UX research/design Designed a website with the primary goal of providing users with an enjoyable and satisfying experience. Our approach involved designing visually appealing interfaces, user-friendly navigation, and engaging interactions to ensure that users feel fulfilled when using the website. Additionally, we worked closely with the development team by conducting user acceptance testing for optimal performance.

4. Co-created and optimised a content strategy accompanied by a monthly lineup to align the university’s agenda, current trends and Professors’ research focuses.

5. Identified and managed thought leaders, various offices within the university and partners to drive positive collaboration with the SMU City Perspectives platform. 

6. Developed multi-media content including written articles, videos, clickable infographics, GIFs and more to enrich the experience for our readers.

7. Crafted and conducted interviews, writing and creating content for articles and special features.

Our Impact

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