How we refreshed MDAS' look and re-introduced them to the world


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How we refreshed MDAS' look and re-introduced them to the world

The Mission

As MDAS (Muscular Dystrophy Association Singapore) entered their 18th year as a charity organisation, it became the right time to step forward to create a refreshed look and strategy that could better communicate their current efforts and vision for the organisation.

Our Brain Juice Approach

Our Role

As we embarked on this journey, we created a new set of branding collaterals that could become part of their brand identity.


With concerns and issues being highlighted about MDAS’ old logo (some of which being that the M was not clear enough, the colours not being vibrant and the two people in the letter “M” not being on the same level), we were able to pick out the parts that should remain relevant and important to create a new logo that could represent the organisation’s new step into the future.

Old logo vs. New logo

Our Impact

Branding Collaterals

To compliment MDAS’ new logo, our team was also tasked to create new collaterals that could represent the charity in a new and different light.

Other Designs

Besides revamping their branding concept, we have also created a few collaterals that the organisation could continuously use during outreach events. 


As part of the rebranding process, we were commissioned to create organisational videos that would educate the public about MDAS’ programmes, services and community. In exploring new ways to educate people about Muscular Dystrophy, we also created a conversational video that featured the members busting myths about the condition! We also created human interest videos that shared real stories of how MDAS has meaningfully supported their members. In addition, we helped to create an event coverage video to showcase their inclusive carnival!

View MDAS Videos here.

Caregiver Retreat

Every year, caregivers in MDAS are given respite through a retreat celebrating their commitment and work everyday towards providing for their children. We made sure that each activity tied back to the theme of “Breathe” through a bonding session of art jamming and a dinner activities followed by morning yoga.


In conjunction with World DMD Day (World Muscular Dystrophy Day), our team also helped with the event management of the LIVE ABOVE Carnival. Through this event, MDAS was shown in a new light leading the space in Singapore and Asia through experiential games as well as personal sharing sessions.

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