How we reached 11,000 livestream viewers with 0 ad spend


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How we reached 11,000 livestream viewers with 0 ad spend

The Mission

We worked with TCHER Online to start conversations on what ‘Education’ should look like in this day and age. As a virtual-only enrichment platform, their expertise is in engaging youths online. However, reaching parents with outmoded perceptions on what constitutes ‘effective learning’ continues to be a challenge. Through Strategic Partnerships, Content Marketing and Live Streaming, we helped them reach new audiences and positioned them as thought leaders in the space. 

Our Brain Juice Approach

We never shy away from an opportunity to address outdated ideas head on.  Building on their tagline, ‘Reimagine Learning’, we curated a list of child-centered topics and found established professionals with experience and research-based perspectives on these subjects. We paired these guests with TCHER Online’s CEO Andrew Kang and livestreamed their conversations on Facebook, across 2 different episodes. Topics covered included the unique role fathers play in shaping their child’s identity, and psychologically proven tips on how parents can reframe learning as a positive experience.

Our Role

  • Strategic Partnerships and curation of guest speakers; Bryan Tan (CEO of DADs for Life) and Dr. Annabelle Chow (Principal Clinical Psychologist at Annabelle Psychology)
  • Programming and remote production of the livestream event. Visual elements included:
  • Overlays and Lower Thirds to add logos and speaker designations
  • Picture in Picture to allow audience to see speaker and content simultaneously
  • High-quality video streaming from our Creator Studio
  • Design and copywriting of social media posts to set audience expectations and highlight speakers’ credentials
  • Outreach to new audience via Facebook pages, WhatsApp groups, and parenting forums

Our Impact

The two episodes saw a combined viewership of 11,000 users on Facebook with 0 ad spend. 

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