How we raised $10 000 through a virtual fundraising event during a global pandemic

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How we raised $10 000 through a virtual fundraising event during a global pandemic

The Mission

To celebrate ABLE's 10th Anniversary, we were tasked with creating a celebratory logo alongside refreshed brand messaging and identity. ABLE Singapore (Abilities Beyond Limitation and Expectations) supports persons with disabilities and their caregivers through a holistic suite of services such as rehabilitation and training, respite care and wheelchair accessible transport. Through their services, Return-to-Work programme and social integration activities, they hope to enable the physically challenged to live with dignity and to have a productive, meaningful and independent life.

To distinguish the brand, we focused on ABLE’s empowering nature as well as values of inclusivity, compassion and professionalism. With the organisation also facing a drop in donations due to COVID-19,  we helped to conceptualise and launch their inaugural virtual fundraising event, showcasing its commitment to digital transformation and community building.

Our Brain Juice Approach

We worked with key marketing and communications leaders, as well as a board member, to pinpoint exactly how the brand could be most well-positioned in the coming years. Following this, we worked with key marketing and communications leaders in ABLE to design a survey to test our assumptions and extract valuable insights to refine our brand positioning.

Finally, we had a 1.5-hour session with ABLE’s centre managers to gain insights on:

  • ABLE’s processes that could be turned into differentiating USPs and marketing wins
  • Details on ABLE’s target audience
  • Input on key messages that we had drafted prior

Based on all information and sessions conducted, we submitted a detailed branding recommendation document that included definitions, messages and structures that the organisation could use moving forward.

Our Role

Our Impact

Brand Identity & Logo Design

For ABLE’s 10th Anniversary logo, we created a soothing yet modern gradient that signified new energy for the organisation’s next chapter of growth. The colour palette was made vibrant and versatile to suit any use case. For ease of implementation, our designer decided on Google-friendly fonts widely available on Microsoft. The icons were specially designed to communicate the 4 call-to-actions that ABLE had in mind for their audience as well as visually represent 4 of their core services. We then rounded off with some presentation slide designs that could be used organisation-wide.

Virtual Fundraising Event

The inclusive pilates event brought together more than 80 people from all backgrounds and raised more than $10,000 with the community. The Zoom event was well-received with it being the first time ABLE worked with a consumer brand as well as had a client and stroke survivor co-leading an initiative.

What we did:

  1. Conceptualisation and programming of the virtual events
  2. Conceptualisation and design of key visual
  3. Go-live training and rehearsal with speakers involved
  4. Livestream hardware and software management
  5. Technical programming of on-screen materials
  6. Live production during virtual event                          

We’re pleased to have been part of ABLE’s milestone 10th anniversary through the branding exercise and inaugural virtual fundraising event. We hope to work with more charities and non-profits in building strong branding as well as a robust community engagement strategy that will allow them to continue growing in the good work they do.

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