How we programmed a digital event for UOB that integrated keynote speeches, Q&As and networking opportunities

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How we programmed a digital event for UOB that integrated keynote speeches, Q&As and networking opportunities

The Mission

For ‘KSC Day with UOB’ we partnered with events management company, Dolce Vita Events, to produce and launch a 100% digital pitching competition. Click here to see the nitty gritties of this event.

Our Brain Juice Approach

Mostly, we tend to prefer Hopin because of its high-quality streaming capacity and ability to host huge numbers of people reliably. The easy segmentation of different event happenings is great for heightening interactivity and increasing audience participation.

Pictured right:

  • We used the Stage function to feature keynote speakers and special guests. We also used interactive elements like picture in picture (first two pics)
  • With the Sessions tab, speakers had the ability to put themselves on and off screen, to control the sharing of their materials and to accept Q & As from the audience members. Total speaker control here.
  • Networking facilitated the easy meeting of new people - even those halfway across the world
  • Expo - Event partners and main teams were able to spread more news and information about the products and/or services they were offering.

Our Role

We took full charge of all the programming and production needs. This is what we did:

  • We ran two rehearsals to brief the speakers and startup pitching groups. We also provided the teams with a full tech guide. Our goal was to empower all the people in the event to be able to hold their own in case of any emergencies.
  • We elevated the production by pulling out all the stops - we added some fun & prestige by including lower-thirds, designations, logos and picture-in-picture (person is fully included in the scene of the slides)
  • Speakers were able to put themselves on screen, share their own materials, take a read from the chat and respond directly. With the ability to contol what they wanted to do, when they wanted to do it, they were at ease as everything was in their hands. They were made to be their very own moderators (see pic on right for what the moderation panel looks like)  Of course, we were standing by with tech support if needed.  
  • We also had the networking segment and expo running concurrently,

Our Impact

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