How we preserved the timeless wisdom and legacy of a family recipe with LENE Bird's Nest

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How we preserved the timeless wisdom and legacy of a family recipe with LENE Bird's Nest

The Mission

Jaclene, the founder of LENE Bird's Nest, sought a design approach for her product that would accurately reflect its deeply held values. A modern twist on a traditional family-recipe, the look and feel had to reflect the authenticity, legacy and quality of the Bird's Nest recipe. To achieve this, we were tasked with drawing up a comprehensive brand identity strategy.

Our Brain Juice Approach

  1. Led the design process for packaging materials for products, including brainstorming, sketching and creating prototypes.
  2. Worked with client to understand their needs, goals and intended direction
  3. Evaluated consumer and market trends for packaging materials.
  4. Presented designs to clients using sketches and design software; this ensured a successful representation of clients’ brands.

Our Role

Our Impact

We collaborated with Jaclene's team to understand how each of them saw, and related to, the brand's story. With multiple perspectives in tow, we created a strategy document that highlighted multiple aspects of brand creation, such as: vision, mission, tone of voice and key messages.

With the strategy locked down, we got to work on the design aspects. We were involved in multiple aspects such as logo design, branding, packaging design and website development. A large part of our design strategy was tagged on to depictions of the bird's nest itself. We wanted to make it evident that there was no pretence or anything unnatural about this product - what you see is what you get.

In just one month after the launch, we gained more than 10 positive reviews.

"I love how the packaging looks so minimalist. 7 individual bottles, each containing 1.5g of bird’s nest. Instead of loose bits, I could see that within each bottle had fragments of the nest itself. " - Gwendolyn, 2021

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