How we led 800 youths and 20 facilitators through a virtual career preparation workshop


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How we led 800 youths and 20 facilitators through a virtual career preparation workshop

The Mission

InterviewsConnect, an arm of Octopus8, provides youths with training, technological guidance and mentorship to prepare them for career-shaping interviews. Our mission was to help them design an engaging programme for 800 youths, lead the production of the online event, and execute a social media strategy that would give the workshop the boost it needed. 

Our Brain Juice Approach

Our team’s goal was to keep the workshop interactive, engaging and optimised for learning so that registrants could get the most value possible. Instead of using the age-old approach of having a presenter with slides, we opted for a 45 minute pre-recorded video featuring one of our team members, Lily, who posed as a job seeker. The audience followed her journey as she spoke to 5 industry guests about different pre-career finding stages, learned new concepts, and took part in activities that led to new insights. Students then got to try the activities for themselves during the hands-on segment of the workshop, which were led by trained facilitators in breakout rooms.  

Our Role

  • Adapting the programme design to fit a virtual workshop format by proposing a video segment, including interactive activities and engagement tools.   
  • Facilitator training guidebook to help them lead conversations in the breakout rooms, and provision of a comprehensive  to prepare them for all possible scenarios.
  • Production and platform management using Hopin. This included
  • Hopin page setup: Copy, design, scheduling and participant management
  • Pre-recorded content: Conceptualising,  planning, filming and editing
  • Visual elements: Picture-in-picture, lower-thirds for designations and overlays for logos
  • Event Management: Chat moderation, real-time poll set up and facilitator management
  • Participant Assistance: Troubleshooting and dedicated help
  • Developing and executing a social media strategy to boost awareness and sign ups for the event
  • Copywriting and design of an educational content bank - comprising interactive graphics, infographics and key takeaways to extend the value, relevant and appeal of the workshops.
  • Analytics and reporting of workshop’s success through quantitative and qualitative survey questions 

Our Impact

795 youths participated in the workshops (across 2 Saturdays) with >80% citing positive responses to their experience 

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