How we helped to raise awareness for Tiger Conservation in Singapore

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How we helped to raise awareness for Tiger Conservation in Singapore

The Mission

This July, in partnership with Ravishing India Holidays and Singapore Wildcat Action Group, Brain Juice Collective supported Singapore Tiger Week 2019. Singapore Tiger Week is a 3-year effort that celebrates tigers and raises awareness of tiger conservation among citizens and residents of Singapore. The campaign hopes to bring together wildlife experts from around the world to exchange conservation ideas among each other and to inspire and empower the public of Singapore.

Throughout the campaign, experts from around the world shared with the public key aspects of tiger conservation. Concurrently, a series of exciting activities were conducted throughout the week of 13th July to 21st July. This includes a public screening of “The World’s Most Famous Tiger – Machli”, a CAT Walk in the Malaysian Jungle and more!

Our Brain Juice Approach

Brain Juice Collective was pleased to help the organising committee with their communications and partnerships strategy as well as supporting the campaign in designing and developing a campaign website. Beyond designing the website, we also helped to set up their Facebook event pages and put together a press kit for them to disseminate to partners and the media. The result was a series of sold out events that raised awareness and action for Tiger Conservation.

Our Role

  • Website and software application designing, and building
  • Integrating client CMS programs and data feeds into websites
  • Ensuring website function and stability across devices i.e. desktop, mobile, tablet
  • Working research teams to incorporate brand elements and relevant findings into website

Our Impact

The Website

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