How we captured the energy and interactivity of a career fair in a virtual format


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How we captured the energy and interactivity of a career fair in a virtual format

The Mission

Thinking of careers fairs typically conjure up memories of bustling crowds, energetic conversations and a palpable excitement in the air.

Our challenge, with the Singapore Chinese Girls School’s (SCGS) Virtual Career Fair, was to recreate this enthusiasm in the virtual space.

In October 2020, we worked with the SCGS Alumni Committee to programme and produce this event, for 1,435 students and staff. We had multiple aims to achieve concurrently:

  1. Ensure that the event flow was as seamless as possible - i.e. managing human, technical and operational traffic
  2. Make good use of interactive tools and collaborative learning so that the students would stay active and alert
  3. Use technology to promote important human connection and conversation

Our Brain Juice Approach

Wanting the best outcome for this event, we recreated our signature Creator Studio set up by transporting equipment over to the SCGS premises. With the added benefit of a rehearsal session, we managed to test out the virtual programme flow, evaluate how the equipment responded to the environment and also got the speakers to rehearse with the tech to ensure smooth delivery.

Our Role

  • On-screen visual elements such as overlays and lower-thirds to highlight the speakers and their designations
  • Gives students a chance to take note of them and follow up with them later
  • Picture-in-picture, positioning speakers in a circle at the bottom of slides giving life to their presentations
  • An added “oomph” and visual interest comes from that professional touch  
  • Word Cloud warm-up activity and Q & A on Mentimeter
  • A great way to collect qualitative data on-the-go while getting your participants involved
  • Mass brainstorming activity on Miro
  • Getting large groups of people to collaborate and interact with one another without chaos

It was a great pleasure working with the young ladies, alumni, teachers and staff of SCGS to make this event a success.

Our Impact

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