ASEAN Social Enterprise Leaders Come Together to Share Best Practices and Inspire Young Entrepreneurs

We noticed that business consulting isn’t something that most social entrepreneurs can afford, which can hinder social entrepreneurs from opportunities. Because of this, we put together Goal Social 2022; a conference designed to be a key regional event that empowers social enterprises through knowledge, tools, and connections.

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The mission

Goal Social 2022 was designed to be a key regional event that empowers social enterprises through knowledge, tools, and connections. 

As a consultancy, we noticed that business consulting is not something that most social entrepreneurs can afford, which can be a barrier hindering social entrepreneurs from opportunities. We ran some focus group discussions with ASEAN social entrepreneurs and found three focus areas in which these entrepreneurs require urgent help:

  • Funding and sustaining their social enterprise
  • Scaling through social media
  • Building great teams

The Brain Juice approach

Our team's extensive experience working with small and medium-sized businesses and multinational corporations enabled us to put together a conference programme tailored for these entrepreneurs to scale their businesses.  

We invited speakers from 10 ASEAN countries to share their insights and experiences. Additionally, recognising the limitations of holding on-site physical conferences during the pandemic, we developed an online conference on the Kumospace platform that was accessible to everyone, regardless of their financial means. We firmly believe in effective collaborations and partnerships and are proud to have partnered with AirAsia Foundation, ASEAN Foundation, and Impact Hub. These partnerships enabled us to identify social enterprise leaders from local communities.

Our role

  • Built a virtual event space where 100+ participants could interact with speakers and each other. We kept things engaging through fun activities and small-group discussions, just like a physical conference! 
  • Provided opportunities for the participants to try out tools and resources for free such as Canva Pro sponsored by Canva and Devcurate’s hiring tool.
  • Connected social impact leaders and entrepreneurs during the ‘fireside chats’ and facilitated conversations to ensure questions were strategically answered.
  • Provided resources after each day and along with a summary of the event so that everyone gets to benefit even if they missed the session due to personal reasons etc.

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Our impact

Through our platform, we achieved a significant impact by bringing together 8 partners from across the ASEAN region and facilitated discussions with over 20 speakers, offering insights and expertise to our audience. Additionally, we're proud to have connected and enabled learning opportunities for over 100 participants, fostering valuable networking within our community.


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