Exploring Creativity and Teamwork at Canva: A Memorable Experience for Team Brain Juice Philippines!

Exploring Creativity and Teamwork at Canva: A Memorable Experience for Team Brain Juice Philippines!

As fans and avid users of the platform, we were thrilled to be invited to Canva Philippines for their first-ever Teams Case Study Program on July 8, 2023. Our talented crew had a fantastic time engaging in various activities and learning about their latest features. Here are some key takeaways from our time at Canva:

Efficient Collaboration and Beyond

What got us excited was learning about Canva’s tools for effective team collaboration. With its all-in-one workplace interface, shared libraries and seamless file sharing, our team can co-create quality designs effortlessly. One of the best features we learned is the use of Canva Brand Kit wherein all the branding that we use for each project is there (fonts, colours, graphics and logos) and we can now create consistent and on-brand designs effortlessly, saving us time and ensuring a cohesive visual identity across all our projects. This streamlined approach allows us to access project files and provide feedback in one unified space, boosting our productivity tremendously! We're even considering integrating the platform’s review and approval features into our workflow. 

Igniting Creativity with Innovative Tools

Some of our favourite features include the Brand Kit, Magic Write, Docs to Decks, and AI-generated images, which have brought our creativity and ideas to life. The Brand Kit feature simplifies visual design while allowing us to maintain brand consistency effortlessly. Magic Write pleasantly surprised us with its instant caption generation, enhancing content engagement while saving time. A definite favourite is the Whiteboard, which has become our go-to platform for brainstorming sessions, enabling idea sharing and exploration.

Transforming Challenges into Opportunities

As part of the program, Canva challenged us to market a product – an ottoman. As an impact-consulting agency with a focus on social impact, we embraced the opportunity. We crafted a compelling branding strategy, designed captivating visuals, and ensured our story aligned with our company's values of "Good for Business, Good for Society." Sparked by spontaneity, we birthed the brand "Bughaw," inspired by the Filipino word for "blue." This collection of sustainable furniture, crafted from recycled plastic, is a steadfast advocate for #EcoFriendlyLiving - offering both purpose and practicality for homes in the Philippines. Take a peek at the presentation deck we shared during the team competition:

A Heartfelt Thank You

Our sincere appreciation goes to the CanvaPH team for this remarkable opportunity. They not only ignited our creativity but also enhanced the experience with delightful meals, an awe-inspiring office tour, and engaging activities that added an extra layer of fun and enjoyment.

Our journey with Canva has been an unforgettable exploration of collaboration. Here's to the exciting possibilities that lie ahead as we continue to apply our learnings from this enriching partnership and integrate our newfound knowledge into our upcoming projects.

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