Robin Thang

Partnerships & Production Manager

Robin describes herself as a (Singaporean) Army Knife. A self-taught photographer and videographer, her career took off after working a marketing role in a Michelin-starred restaurant. From there, she worked with F&B conglomerates like Commonwealth Capital, and many start-ups. 

These experiences taught her how to bring a strategic approach to her artistic work, and the tricks behind pushing her creative envelope while keeping within a client’s budgets and goals. She is now focused on creating thoughtful and impactful content that creates real value for the audience, and the world.  

On her off days you can find Robin on her bicycle, soaking in the sun and enjoying the food at East Coast Park. Or you might find her huddled on her couch with a good show on Netflix.

What brings her the most joy is capturing happy moments and chance encounters on the streets of Singapore. She believes that the best things happen when you put yourself out there and let life take its course. She also enjoys sitting at coffee shops and listening to the stories of the elderly.