Lim Sim Huey

Senior Portfolio Manager

Growing up in the small town of Malacca, Malaysia, Sim Huey has always been passionate about working with small-medium enterprises. From scooping ice-cream to teaching kindergarten kids, Sim Huey's experience diverse yet a common thread holds them together - people. In 2018, Sim Huey made the bold move to take on Sunny Singapore! Since then, Sim Huey has delved into event management, public relations and e-commerce marketing.

What excites her? Storytelling. As a self-taught designer, Sim Huey understands that visual storytelling is an essential building block for any brand. She is constantly looking for opportunities to test and refine her skills in this area. Her keen interest and understanding of pop culture also allows her to bring fresh and relevant ideas to the table!

Sim Huey finds her greatest fulfilment in bringing brands together to create immersive experiences and social impact! With that, lifelong learning is something Sim Huey can definitely get behind. With documentaries like Our Planet, Black Hole Apocalypse and Inside Bill’s Brain, she believes the possibilities for content to inspire, educate and empower are endless!