Ayesha Shaikh

Portfolio Manager

Ayesha describes herself as lively, sharp, and full of enthusiasm for things she believes in. She is interested in organisations using technology to drive and develop thoughtful and collaborative communities that go both ways.

Whether it’s being a creative director, entrepreneur or an avid solo traveller, she has a huge cup of appreciation, filled with gratitude, for the delicate and intriguing nature of moving in this world with other people. She believes that’s what makes working with individuals and companies, and tirelessly providing her expertise for nearly a decade, so compelling and rewarding.

Ayesha prides herself on being analytical, reliable, and professional. She has a formal education in both broadcast media, and accounting and finance. Her work experience spans a 5 year multimedia creative role in Singapore theatre with Dream Academy, and prior to that, a shorter but deeply enriching operational role at fintech startup MoolahSense. Her very first venture was co-founding a video production company at the age of 20, with notable clients like Marina Bay Sands, Koufu, Ode To Art, TheBodyCoach, and Uber Eats.

On the off chance you catch her in person, she’s either riding motorcycles or having sushi (again). A huge Web3 fan, she also loves talking about cryptocurrency, NFTs and big data for small businesses.