Marketing Lessons from 2018 FIFA World Cup

I must admit, I’m not a football fan. But as the most anticipated sports tournament ran on for a month, I had no choice but to watch the matches if I wanted to spend time with any friend or family member. But it wasn't all a loss. Indeed, I did appreciate the agility and strategies of the players. But on top of that, my marketing eye saw many tactics to employ in the workplace. Here are 3 lessons that I gathered from FIFA 2018 World Cup.


Prime your audience

Leading up to the games, the fans are hyped up with online media coverage and offline advertising. World Cup products are sold at a higher price to meet the demand. If you have a launch or event coming up, make sure to plan your editorial, social media and offline advertising calendars months in advance. When the launch time comes, your target audience will already be waiting eagerly to engage with your brand.


Collaborate with other brands and platforms

Ever found yourself hungry at 4 am in the morning after a match? Well, I had. And when I did, I ordered McDonald’s. This went on for a few Saturdays before I realised McDonald’s constantly advertised on the St. Petersburg stadium. Although, I was aware that they were doing this, I didn’t realise the effect their marketing strategy had on me until my jeans got a little snug. What I gathered from this is that tapping on other people’s audience to push your content helps to grow your audience. My marketing team found that we get a hefty amount of traffic from other platforms through posting content or guest writing. So spend some time building relationships with other brands and platforms and come up with collaborative strategies to boost both parties’ audience.   


Bad antics won’t help you win the game

Neymar is the talk of the town with his dramatic injury antic on the field. Despite causing much drama and gaining bad publicity, his team unfortunately didn’t make it through to the semi-finals. This teaches us that theatrics and pomp isn’t a good strategy to score a goal. Instead, make it a point to sit down with your marketing team regularly to review and improve marketing strategies. If you aim to score, rolling around the floor won’t help. Go into the month with a game plan in mind, and play people’s strengths to the game to make it out on top.

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