The DNA of an Entrepreneur | Rachel on her Favourite Entrepreneurial Traits


We are always asked who our favourite anyone is. "Who is your best friend?", "Who is your favourite singer?" or "Who is your favourite actress?" We seem to have a societal obsession with having to pick in our lives our preferences that we should aspire towards or that seem to shape our personalities. 

Perhaps it matters but perhaps it shouldn't. When I was asked to narrow down a list of favourite entrepreneurs or to talk about a role model that I have in my life, I had a hard time. Instead of picking someone that we feel we should work towards, picking out certain traits from a bunch of successful entrepreneurs makes much more sense to me. 

If you're still with me, here are some traits that I deeply admire in people (successful or not). 

1. Grit

I can't emphasise enough the importance of having grit. Even with all the intelligence, resources and luck in the world, I strongly feel that having no grit in life would get us nowhere. 

2. Personality

We all know having character is important but it is even more evident within leaders. Having to inspire your team and others to believe in your business on a daily basis is not just because of a well-rehearsed boilerplate but because of the passion and the charisma in one's character. 

3. Outlook on Life

A positive outlook in life is not the only thing that is important but it is also one's ability to interpret life in all its various ways. There are multiple ways to view a situation and it is in this that creativity as well as positivity that solutions are built.